Who’s Hungry: Survey Results

June 30, 2020
As we’ve seen shelter in place restrictions evolve over the past few weeks, we wanted to learn more about how hungry our fans are for the return of Off the Grid experiences, as well as how they feel about going back to the office. Below are the results...
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Great Plates Delivered SF: Supporting the Local Community

June 23, 2020
Since 2010, our mission has been to build community through our public and private events, while supporting local businesses (our third-party food Creators).  This has become even more imperative throughout the pandemic. While we’ve been navigating the...
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Cook with us: Filet o’ ’Fu tofu sliders

June 16, 2020
These sliders are a slightly smaller, fun-size version of our crispy tofu sandwich. They’re ridiculously satisfying—and vegan! If you’re looking to go plant based with your meals this weekend, or need a Meatless Monday recipe, this is a great option...
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COVID-19 Community Support Roundup

June 15, 2020
Across the nation, people are joining together to bring much-needed sustenance to the brave (and hungry!) frontline workers and others in need who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Not only do these efforts bring relief to those who need it ...
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Wine Pairing Made Simple with Anarchist Wine Co.

June 8, 2020
Over the past few months, there are a few things that many Off the Grid employees have taken to while sheltering in place, such as learning how to cook new dishes, strictly sticking to supporting takeout Tuesday (and many other days of the week), and lear...
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Black lives matter. Here’s how we’re taking action.

June 5, 2020
Dear Community, It’s with a heavy heart that I write to you, while the community that we work so hard to create is in pain and conflict. The obvious, or “easy” statement to make is that Off the Grid stands with the Black Lives Matter mov...
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Cook with us: Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

June 1, 2020
The OTG version of a traditional Taiwanese dish. The many different ingredients in this dish help build a savory and flavorful beef noodle soup base that you can enjoy at home. Though it might seem complicated at first, grouping your ingredients together ...
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Treat Tenants with Food Trucks

May 26, 2020
During a time where we’ve all been asked to shelter-in-place, it has shined a light on many individuals’ inability to thrive while stuck in their homes, particularly if you live in a small apartment. Like many other cities, San Francisco, has a high c...
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Creator Cares ACT 101

April 13, 2020
The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has passed. What does this mean for you? With so much information out there, we wanted to gather ...
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The State of Our Community

March 13, 2020
In response to the quickly developing coronavirus situation, Off the Grid has been taking proactive steps to figure out ways to support our Bay Area community. ...
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