We’re Going Way Off the Grid—Here’s What’s New

January 22, 2021
Every January for the past decade, Off the Grid kicks off the New Year with what we like to call our “discovery period.”  It’s typically one of the most exciting times at Off the Grid for our staff and our community partners. It’s the time when w...
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2020 Food Trends We’ll See Again

December 23, 2020
About this time of year, we start seeing articles about various trends we can expect in the upcoming year. The National Restaurant Association predicted that 2020 would bring more plant-based proteins, eco-friendly packaging, healthy bowls, stress-relievi...
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Our Bay Area Guide to Support Local Food Businesses

December 14, 2020
The list of Bay Area restaurants, mobile food vendors, and bars that have shuttered their doors permanently due to the pandemic grows increasingly, despairingly long. Every week, we see more longtime faves and newer up-and-coming establishments unable to ...
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Off the Grid’s Emergency Relief Efforts

November 18, 2020
Our passion at Off the Grid has always revolved around supporting local food communities. When COVID hit earlier this year, our approach to lifting up these communities and creating special events around diverse food experiences had to adapt, significantl...
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Creator Cares ACT 101

April 13, 2020
The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has passed. What does this mean for you? With so much information out there, we wanted to gather ...
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The State of Our Community

March 13, 2020
In response to the quickly developing coronavirus situation, Off the Grid has been taking proactive steps to figure out ways to support our Bay Area community. ...
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