Cook with us: Fried Chicken

May 8, 2020
An all-time favorite at Off the Grid, this fried chicken recipe uses buttermilk to brine the chicken thighs first, resulting in super moist and tender meat on t...
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Cook with us: Clam Chowder

May 4, 2020
Off the Grid’s take on an East Coast classic, this dish is quick and easy to make in one pot. It’s good on its own or in that sourdough bread bowl we kn...
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Why Food Feels Good

April 13, 2020
Have you ever wondered why eating can feel so comforting and enjoyable? Whether it’s eating a delicious, cheesy slice of pizza or consuming a hearty, crunchy ...
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Creating Community at Work

February 4, 2020
A sense of community and shared purpose among coworkers is fundamental to creating a strong work culture in your office. In the Bay Area, this sense of belongin...
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