We’re all feeling the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic in our everyday lives, both mentally and physically. Especially since the issuance of “shelter-in-place,” the critical need that grocery stores play in allowing us all to practice social isolation has never been clearer. Grocery store employees are working incredibly long hours, while also experiencing a heightened sense of anxiety with increased potential exposure on the front lines of our community response. But who is feeding them?

On April 1, Off the Grid announced our intention to do something comforting for our local heroes. We asked the community for support in reaching our initial goal of raising $5K, with a promise to match the first 5,000 dollars contributed to the campaign. After quickly realizing a greater need and higher potential for the program, we decided to raise the fundraising goal to $10K, allowing us to come together to serve another 1,000 meals.

Within a mere two weeks, through sharing and donating as a community, we were able to raise a total of $15,775 (including Off the Grid’s initial $5K match). This money has allowed us to serve 1,600 meals, at 10 locations.

The donations to this campaign were more than just providing a warm, nutritious meal, but also a way of us thanking Grocery Store Employees for all their hard work during this time of uncertainty. We were able to support our community of small food businesses, who are also struggling during this time.

Thank you to everyone who donated so generously to this cause during a time when so many are struggling. We’d like to also thank the Creators who helped us feed these hard-working employees. If you’re looking for ways to continue your support, we urge you to visit many Off the Grid Creators who are still operating and offering takeout and or delivery options. Additionally, please keep in touch with us as we’ll continue to launch initiatives for the communities who continue to suffer during this pandemic.