With the recent shelter in place restrictions, many of our lives and interactions have gone digital. Whether it’s ordering food for takeout or delivery, shopping for a new pair of shoes or watching your favorite singer perform online, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices we can make on any given day.  And, it can be easy to overlook how each of these choices can have a significant impact on our local communities. 

Our team at Off the Grid wanted to take some time to show you how just one interaction can impact so many who are part of the Off the Grid Ecosystem

Ordering food from our public takeout locations, donating to our fundraising campaigns or enlisting Off the Grid to feed your employees or frontline workers—your actions create a chain reaction that supports an entire local ecosystem. 

This visual representation of the Off the Grid ecosystem shows how our local community is composed of, but not limited to, local residents, state and local government departments, corporate and non-profit companies as well as frontline and essential workers—all connected through our food Creators. 

When our Creators are given the chance to share and sell food to the community via Off the Grids events, markets, fundraisers, or corporate partnerships, it gives members of the Bay Area supply chain the chance to also generate earnings for their businesses. In a recent survey we sent to our Creators, the impact of COVID-19 has resulted in an average of $60K in losses for each of our Creators thus far—with 58% having had to temporarily shut down their businesses. Clearly,  finding creative solutions for our Creators to sell food is more important than ever. 

How the Ecosystem Works: Success Story

Off the Grid recently partnered with the City of San Francisco’s Department of Emergency Services to provide prepared meals for low-income individuals and their families who have tested positive for coronavirus, while they are quarantining at home. The initiative quickly took shape on April 13th, and in the first week, Off the Grid organized and delivered more than 2,800 meals to over 340 people in need. This program enabled Off the Grid food Creators including Cielito Lindo MSK, Sip N’ Slurp, The Waffle Roost, Cochinita, The Sarap Shop, The GrilledCheezGuy, Jackrabbit, and SFChicken Box additional revenue streams which have been hard to come by with the recent shelter in place restrictions. Our full ecosystem was able to come together, fulfilling a huge need for many individuals and businesses in our community. 

So as you’re cruising the internet and making one of your many decisions each day, we want to thank you for your continued support—significantly helping our local Bay Area community.   


Ways you can support:

Order directly from our food creators.

Feed your employees or groups with Off the Grid food.

Follow our blog or Facebook or Instagram channels media for upcoming fundraising opportunities.