There’s no shame in ordering a menu item “just for the photo” — trust us, we’ve been there. In fact, the hashtag #food has nearly 300 million photos on Instagram, so you’re definitely not alone in snapping a pic of your meal before chowing down. We believe that visually appealing foods are just as good, if not better and the presentation of a dish can truly enhance the mealtime experience. That’s why we’ve curated a few unique ideas of totally Instagram-worthy dishes to serve up at your next special event (all with the help of Off the Grid Catering, of course!):

Bonito Poke

The name pretty much says it all. Not only is each bowl is packed with the highest-quality organic, biodynamic and all-natural ingredients, but these poke bowls are just downright good-looking. Each creation is served in transparent bowls so that you can see each and every single layer of eye-catching, colorful poke goodness — you may even hesitate before diving in to eat, in order to preserve your beautiful masterpiece of fresh vegetables, noodles, rice and endless toppings. This is NOT your average grab-and-go poke bowl, and Bonito Poke is sure to be a huge hit (not to mention, something quite out of the ordinary!) at your next corporate function or special event.

off the grid catering

The Grilled Cheez Guy

Imagine sinking your teeth into a sandwich overflowing with gooey cheese, loaded with toppings and toasted to perfection – the Grilled Cheez guy is everything that a professional selfie-taker could ask for. These savory, melt-in-your-mouth grilled cheese creations are the perfect meal to share (or not to share!) with your work fam — and they are sure to get the Instagram likes rolling in.

Take your pick of havarti, mozzarella, brie, cheddar or gouda (just to name a few) and toppings that you couldn’t have envisioned in your wildest dreams. The combinations are seemingly endless, and everyone at your event is sure to find something cheese-tastic that they can’t help but photograph, especially when paired with a scrumptious side of soup.

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Tai Chi Jianbing

Breakfast for dinner? When it’s inspired by one of the most popular Chinese street foods, why not mix it up? After all, 1.3 billion people can’t be wrong. Picture this: Mouth-watering pulled pork, mixed with cabbage, cilantro, egg, roasted sesame and spicy sauces, all wrapped up in savory hand-held crepe.

You simply can’t go wrong with serving Tai Chi Jianbing at your next event – or should we say, at your next feast.  Get your special event trending with this unique menu item (and soon-to-be global sensation) that can’t help but please everyone’s tastebuds. Can you think of a better social media photo-op? Because we sure can’t.

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From outdoor trucks hosting a department-wide celebration to an indoor event for your hundred-plus work fam, Off the Grid Catering is ready to help you serve up unique, diverse menu options that are sure to please all palates. Our vendors’ individualized portions, whether for a tasting experience or a seated meal,  look beautiful when presented.

Inspired yet? Maybe licking your computer screen? Us too. Learn more about these and other delicious creators here. Or, you can hit up our catering sales team to get started planning your next snapshot-worthy special event. Because after all, if you didn’t Instagram it, did it even happen?