We began Off the Grid 10 years ago — right at the tail end of the financial crisis. During that time we’ve experienced enough fires, floods, and earthquakes to become agile in times of crisis while supporting the incredible community of small businesses throughout times of need. I’d like to say that each of those responses have taught us how to respond to Coronavirus but, like everyone else, this situation is proving to be uncertain and unknown. At OTG we’re focused on remaining mobile, agile and safe in our approach and with an eye towards the needs of our community of hundreds of small businesses that we serve.  

In these unprecedented times, if you’re wondering what you can do to join in supporting the community that brings the unique flavors and culture to the Bay Area, our request is that you simply come and order take-out from one of our spaces. At OTG our mantra over the last week has been to reinforce an idea of keeping calm while we do our best to protect the health of all of our communities. With that in mind, we’re going to be rolling out messaging at each of our locations encouraging our guests to “Keep Calm and Carry Out.” We’ve taken significant steps to improve the health standards of each of our partners and hope that you’ll join us in supporting our small businesses for take-out during this uncertain time.

 Our small and local business community members are made up of individuals who depend on keeping their concepts open and running to survive in times of uncertainty.  By implementing updated preventative best practices and continuing to offer delicious food to guests in a safe and sanitary environment throughout the Bay Area, we hope to bridge the divide of fear while adhering to a changing business environment. While we’re keeping our lunch locations open, we’ve also teamed up with creators to offer those who are still working from their offices to offer individually packaged drop off catering solutions.  


Key Announcements:

•  Announcing “Keep Calm and Carry Out” campaign at all lunch locations in conjunction with increased safety and sanitation measures at all locations.

•  Announcing No-Contact Drop-off Catering offerings for those that want to support our local food community while also supporting their remaining onsite teams.


Key Sanitation Related Actions: 

•  All Off the Grid staff will have hand sanitizer available for use at all times throughout our guest experiences that remain open.

•  Actively enforcing any Creators, employees and guests with flu-like symptoms to exclude themselves from Off the Grid activities.

•  Wiping down guest areas (tables, chairs, stools and service areas) every hour with disposable disinfectant wipes.

•  Wiping down food service areas (stations, cabinets, condiment and utensil stations) every hour with disposable disinfectant wipes.

•  Removing all single service utensils in favor of single distribution materials at the point of sale.


Please also stay tuned to our blog and website for updates.  We are committed to keeping Creators, guests and communities updated on all rapidly changing procedures to support this uncertain environment. Thank you for helping us to protect the health of all of our communities both physically and fiscally, and I hope you’ll join us in supporting our small businesses during this challenging time.


Keep calm and carry out all,



Authored by Matt Cohen, CEO and Founder of Off the Grid