Food trucks are rolling up at wedding receptions all over the country this summer, and it’s no wonder why. 

With unique food spreads, creative designs, endless options, and pandemic-friendly spreads, they’re the perfect thing to meet everyone’s pent-up partying needs and food cravings. (Not to mention they make excellent photo ops!) 

Whether you’re in search of a main meal, libations or dessert, there’s a truck for you. For inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest wedding truck ideas on the ‘gram.

Wedding truck ideas that really work for the ‘Gram.

This wedding truck adds a pop of gorgeous color to the otherwise all-white backdrop of this church wedding. We love that it’s also an early-morning breakfast wedding, meaning there might be an entire day left to party—how practical! 


A sweets bar is an obvious choice for ending a wedding with a bang. With so many options—from churros and hot chocolate to donuts and ice cream—a dessert truck is one way to give your wedding an original touch.


A traditional ice cream truck isn’t necessarily as a hip as a churros truck, but if you’re going for that retro nostalgic vibe, there’s no going wrong with this one. 


We love how this pizza truck offers a pop of color to this lawn wedding. Also, pizza. Everyone loves pizza.


Similar to pizza, this calzone truck couldn’t be a cuter way to incorporate “something old, something new and something blue.” Well done, cute couple.


Airstream trucks give this wedding a rustic, yet upscale, vibe. We’re into it. 


Perhaps the less obvious choice for a food truck wedding is a mobile cocktail bar. These trailers are often a good fit aesthetically for a lot of weddings and make the party a party.


Ready to find a local food truck vendor for your wedding?

If you’re ready to start wedding planning or need more guidance, you can check out Off the Grid’s Ultimate Food Truck Wedding Guide for everything you need to know about planning and booking. 

You can also reach out to us here anytime to talk about the best food truck wedding options for you.