The Coronavirus era we are currently living through is scary and unprecedented regardless of who you are and where you stand financially. But some individuals are more fortunate than others and have the means to support themselves and their families during this rollercoaster. For those who were struggling to afford food and other basic needs before the pandemic, are now facing even bigger obstacles. Many are no longer able to work due to the “shelter-in-place” order, and if they do happen to get diagnosed or have symptoms of COVID-19, they are in a waiting state until they can engage in society without infecting others, limiting their ability to gain access to food. Off the Grid and the City of San Francisco recognized this immediate need for relief and could not stand by without assisting.

Over the past two weeks, Off the Grid has been partnering with the Department of Emergency Management to provide meal packages to feed these low-income individuals and their families, as well as many elderly, who have tested positive for coronavirus and are quarantining at home with no access to cooking facilities. Not only has this program helped hundreds of individuals who are isolating themselves, but has also allowed Off the Grid to engage our network of third-party Creators whose businesses are drastically suffering during this challenging time. 

Kristen Brillantes, Co-Founder & CEO of The Sarap Shop shared with us her gratitude for the program.  “OTG has always been a strong ally and advocate for Bay Area small food businesses,” she said. “Their superpower is being able to cultivate opportunities for their Creators and during this challenging time, they continue to help us find ways to stabilize and keep our hope alive. It feels especially good to know that participating in this program not only provides us some financial assistance, but also the ability to provide a little comfort and care for those in our community who are especially hurting.”

The program quickly came to fruition on April 10th, and due to Off the Grid’s mobile business model and agile staff, by April 13th, we were able to organize and launch a robust meal program that delivered 726 number of meals in just one day. 

We are thankful to be able to support our local community by providing meals to the vulnerable population through the current stay at home order. If your organization (or someone you know) has a similar need, please get in touch with us—we’d love to explore further partnerships to support our community and local small businesses.