Over the past few months, we’ve taken the time to better understand how we can continue building on a decade of food experience to help bring back opportunities for struggling food businesses to support and sustain their businesses.  

We are excited to announce that we’re ready to begin reactivating our food community, starting mid-June with initial spaces we’re calling Food Spots; where you can get quick takeout and our Creator community can find viable, legal spaces to sell. Our vision is to—at first—simply offer opportunities for our food community that prioritizes health and safety. Fort Mason Center will host our first Food Spot, opening June 15, and will operate Monday through Friday from 5 – 8pm where 2 – 3 rotating trucks will regularly add extra diversity and deliciousness to the Marina neighborhood in San Francisco. 

Over the course of June and July, we’ll be announcing additional Food Spot locations with the goal of opening as many of these spaces as possible in the near future. These outdoor takeout experiences will facilitate responsible social distancing, feature no-touch ordering options, and will soon offer the ability to order your food ahead of time using our new OTG Experience app (while avoiding costly charges through delivery app services). Residents will have an opportunity to mix up their routines with a variety of food options, while supporting small businesses—our third-party food Creators.  

Since 2010, our mission has been to provide support to local businesses (Creators), while creating unique, mobile community experiences for our guests. Our top priority in making the decision to stay open or to close during this pandemic is to make sure that we’re supporting our Creator community—hundreds of small businesses—while keeping our experiences safe. With only one community market open during the months of April and May, we launched other initiatives to help support our Creator community, including fundraising to feed grocery store employees, drop off catering options, and serving meals to hospital workers. With all our initiatives, we’ve implemented strict sanitary practices for both Off the Grid staff and our third-party vendors, and in-market dining has been replaced with grab-and-go service. 

We hope you’ll join us in supporting our community of small businesses by visiting our open experience for take-out or ordering delivery from our Creators during this challenging time. 


Safety Protocol

What Off the Grid is Doing at our Public Markets:

– Off the Grid staff has hand sanitizer readily available at all times.
– Off the Grid Staff are wearing gloves and face-masks at all times.
– Six-foot tape markings are placed on the ground where individuals should stand while waiting in line. Three-foot tape lines are placed in front of the service window of the truck to keep guests far enough from the window, but close enough to grab their meals.
– Any Creators, employees or guests with flu-like symptoms are asked to exclude themselves from Off the Grid activities.
– Guest areas are wiped down every hour with disposable disinfectant wipes, while wearing gloves.
– Food service areas are wiped down every hour with disposable disinfectant wipes.
– Contactless payment systems are offered at our public sale events.
– Onsite signage is posted to remind all employees and customers to stay 6-feet away from each other and to avoid the area if they have flu-like symptoms.
– All Creator owners and operators are advised to stay in contact with their local health departments for the latest advisories and information about Coronavirus.
– Appendix A is posted by all Creators, visible to employees and their guests. C19-07b protocol signage is also posted within every food truck.
– All Off the Grid onsite employees have been given an appropriate face mask, and have been advised to follow virus prevention and sanitation protocols.


What Creators Are Doing:

– All Creators preparing, handling, and/or serving food or handling money must wear nitrile gloves and masks at all times.
– All Creators are wiping down surfaces hourly with disinfecting wipes, including guest-facing areas, internal truck surfaces, and payment portals, pens, and styluses.
– Any employee will not be allowed to work if they are sick.
– All Creators are required to accept contactless payments.
– All guests will be provided with any food-related and serving utensils.


What We’re Encouraging You, Our Guests, To Do:

– Stay home if you’re sick. We look forward to welcoming you to our events when you feel better.
– Bring alcohol-based sanitizer gels or wipes containing 60-95% alcohol to Off the Grid events.
– Wash hands often, for at least 20 seconds.
– Wear masks and gloves at all times when out in public. Masks are required for service at our experiences. 
– Keep 6-Feet Social Distancing
– Avoid touching eyes, nose, and/or mouth with unwashed hands.
– Clean and sanitize any objects or surfaces that may have been touched.


Thank you for continuing to support small businesses. We will continue to update our plans and keep you informed should guidance from San Francisco health officials change. 


The following Community Market remains open:

– Serramonte
– Fort Mason Center Food Spot
– Civic Center Truck Spot

Until further notice, the following Markets will be postponed:

– Fort Mason Center
– Lake Merritt
– Salesforce Tower: Breakfast and Lunch
– Menlo Park
– San Mateo Bay Center
– 5th & Brannan
– UN Plaza
– Pleasant Hill
– Vallejo & Front
– Salesforce Transit Center
– South park
– Larkspur
– Alameda
– 5M


Have questions? Contact us here.


Authored By: Samantha Pann, Marketing Specialist Off the Grid