Chances are you won’t be celebrating this year’s Thanksgiving the same way you have in the past. But if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that this is the year to start new traditions. 

While you may have had your fill of Covid cooking, some of our creators haven’t been able to cook enough. As a result, many are going all in with new menu offerings that really showcase the range of our melting pot society. From smoked turkey and mashed potato spreads to spicy pumpkin lentil soups, there’s something on this list for everyone. Here’s what’s on the menu.

 (And remember to act quick, as many are only taking pre-orders until Nov. 23!)


If you want to spice it up 

Dum/Ritu Indian Soul Food

If you’ve ever sampled Dum Indian Soul Food’s Kati rolls, you’ll know this wildly popular food truck team knows how to blend traditional and innovative Southeast Asian ingredients perfectly. Instead of ho-hum turkey, consider picking up their Thanksgiving Indian-style meal. This three-course meal includes dishes such as spicy pumpkin & lentil soup, tandoori turkey, tandoor roasted Brussels sprouts and caramelized white chocolate mousse. 

How to get it: Place orders until Monday, Nov. 23 and pick them up at their restaurant Ritu from 5 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 25. Visit their website, call 415-874-9045 or email to place an order. 


If you’re hankering for traditional

Old Greenwood BBQ at the Gold Rush Saloon

Anyone who knows how to season and smoke meats that make our mouths water by merely seeing them will undoubtedly prepare a splendid Thanksgiving feast. Our friends at Old Greenwood BBQ are doing just that by offering Thanksgiving spreads featuring their delicious smoked turkeys. You can order a whole smoked turkey (or just the breast for a smaller gathering) that comes with traditional sides such as mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, house-made cranberry sauce, green beans and creamed corn. If you don’t need the whole shebang, pick up an a la carte smoked turkey or breast.

How to get it: Meals are available for pickup and reheat Wednesday, Nov. 25 or Thursday, Nov. 26, or hot and ready on the 26th from noon to 3 p.m. at their restaurant (at the Sunken Gardens Golf Course). Call 408-743-5336 or email to order.


If you’re yearning for those island vibes

Da Poke Man

Add a cheerful aloha vibe to your Thanksgiving this year with a platter of Da Poke Man’s fresh, perfectly prepared ahi poke. As he’s done in past years, our fabulous Chef Ray partner is offering a 3-pound traditional ahi poke platter with a side of spicy sauce for just $50! Platters sell out fast, so check out their Instagram or Facebook page for more information. 

How to get it: Pick up trays at their restaurant in San Mateo. If you’re looking for a unique holiday gift idea, Chef Ray also sells a line of razor-sharp, high-end, beautifully decorated cutlery


This one’s traditional, with a twist

Yo Soy Ceviche

They might not celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving in Peru where our partners at Yo Soy Ceviche found their inspiration for their fantastic ceviche dishes. However, these talented chefs are offering up a delicious Sazon Turkey meal deal that rivals anyone’s. Their spread feeds six to eight and includes an 11-pound turkey, 2 liters of Inka Kola, three sides, gravy, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, salsa and flan for dessert. Best of all — they’ll deliver it free! 

How to get it: Preorder by Tuesday, Nov. 24. Check out their Instagram or Facebook page for more info, or call 415-240-7609. 


If you need to please a large crowd

Senor Sisig

If you haven’t tried Senor Sisig’s Filipino street food featuring sisig, a highly seasoned mixture of marinated, grilled and chopped pork or chicken, you are missing out! Normally, these food magicians roll sisig into burritos or load it onto tacos, salads, rice or chips. For Thanksgiving, they’re offering platters of pork, chicken or vegan sisig that feed 10 to 15 people. These DIY trays come with onions, jalapenos and limes. 

How to get it: Order before 9 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 24 for pickup on Thanksgiving between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. at the 990 Valencia Street location. 


Pass the pork, hold the turkey

Jeepney Guy

For another Filipino Thanksgiving option, check out what our friends at Jeepney Guy are doing this year. Instead of traditional turkey and stuffing, wow your friends or family with a savory whole or half pork belly lechon (slow-roasted pork belly with crispy skin and Filipino gravy) that feeds 10 to 12 or four to six, respectively. Add a tray of lumpia (hand-fried spring rolls with minced chicken) or an order of chicharron (fried pork rinds), and you’ll have a Thanksgiving for the ages. 

How to get it: Available from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 26 through Saturday, Nov. 28 for pick up at 1504 Farnsworth Street, San Leandro. They’ll deliver for orders $100 or more for a fee. Order ahead using this form or visit their website


If you just want to outsource desserts

Marley’s Treats

Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without dessert, and Marley’s Treats will deliver it to your door ($50 minimum plus $10 delivery fee). Choose from delectable options such as Flan Ube Cheesecake, Flan Pumpkin Cheesecake, Flanana Pie, Frozen Brazo or Ube Flan Cake. These are whole cakes, but they also sell cupcakes in four, six or 12 packs for a smaller group. Another option is to pick up a make-at-home package of Ube White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie Dough or Ube Cinnamon Rolls. 

How to get it: Find out more on Instagram, call 510-397-1499 or order ahead online


If you just want drinks for dessert

Rye on the Road

No celebration is complete without cocktails, and Rye on the Road has you covered! They’re offering their fresh-made, bottled cocktails in nicely packaged gift boxes. For Thanksgiving, they’ve created the Cocktail Cornucopia, which includes one bottle each of Spiced Cranberry (vodka with cranberry), The Bird (tequila with sage), Sweet Potato Casserole (applejack, taverna, sweet potato) and Pecan Pie (bourbon with butter pecan syrup). 

How to get it: You can pick them up at their store (688 Geary Street) or order online. The gift boxes make unique holiday gifts too.


If you need to tap into the holiday spirit of giving

Judie’s Tacos Locos

Instead of preparing Thanksgiving dishes, Judie’s has partnered with Pooh’s Spot to offer free Thanksgiving turkeys to families in need. To sign up, send them a direct message to be added to the reservation list (turkeys are only available to those with reservations). 

How to get it: Check Instagram or Facebook for more info. Pick up turkeys at Victory Outreach San Jose (dates TBD).