It’s outdoor party time, people. And no outdoor celebration is complete without lawn games.

Lawn games allow us to cut loose, discover how competitive Linda from sales is about her Bocce, or remind us why we never made the varsity basketball team. 

We’ve had many of these games at our catering events to much enthusiasm. In addition to sharing our favorites, we did some investigating to round up all of the best summer lawn games you can buy or rent for your upcoming event. 

Here are the best games for groups to play in 2022. 

The Game Taking Paris by Storm: Mölkky Wooden Pin and Skittles Game

Although originally from Finland, Mölkky has become all the rage in France. It’s set up similarly to bowling. You arrange all the wooden pins on the ground. Then, you throw a wooden peg and try to knock the pins down. 

Points can be amassed by either tallying the numbers written on the pins or counting the number of pins themselves. The first player to reach 50 points wins the game

This game is perfect for small and large gatherings alike and both the young and young at heart. It’s a fairly relaxed game, making it ideal for summer cookouts or corporate picnics. Because the game is made of wood, it’s light enough to carry to the park and play with friends. 

Best for Corporate Events: Giant Jenga

Forget the tiny Jenga set that fits on your coffee table. Giant Jenga has become all the rage for corporate events and even baby showers. 

Employees can be divided into groups and work together as a team-building exercise. And in case you need a reminder, the team that doesn’t knock over the giant wooden tour wins. There are many companies to choose from to rent the game for your next offsite event!

Best for Wordle Fans: Gigantagrams

If you’re someone who’s put together a list of the best words to begin your wordle ritual, gigantagrams is the perfect lawn game for you. 

The giant word game can be played solo or with up to 8 players at a time. The group flips the tiles face down so you can’t see the letters, and be sure to set aside some “switch” tiles. 

When the game starts, all players grab tiles out of the pile to create their word grids. The first person to complete their grid wins the game. 

Every game comes with a custom carry bag so you can easily transport it to a barbeque or another outdoor event. 

Best Boozy Lawn Game: Bucket Ball-Beach Edition

Bucket Ball is essentially a giant outdoor game of beer pong (and if you’re not into alcohol, you can also skip it to play this game). The shock absorbent buckets come with an inflatable rack set so that you can play on the lawn, on your next tailgate, or even in the pool! 

The Bucket Ball set has a rack set to hold your buckets, 12 buckets, and two balls. The buckets are extremely lightweight, so it’s not heavy to lug around. The game is packed in a tote back with a strap so you can easily carry it over your shoulder to your next lawn party or tailgate

Best for Large Groups: Bocce

Bocce’s popularity can be traced back to ancient Egypt, more than 5,000 years ago, when the game was depicted on the walls of an ancient tomb. 

To play Bocce, you can divide people into teams of one to four players. The goal is to get your Bocce (the large ball) closer to the smaller bowl (the pallina) than your opponent. If yours is closer, you earn a point. The first team to reach 16 points wins the game

Die-hard fans of the game are serious about their sport. There’s even a World Bocce League and national tournaments!

However, if you’re not ready to go pro yet, don’t worry. Whether you’re at the beach or spending an evening relaxing on the lawn, anything can be a Bocce court. 

Enjoy Some Summer Fun with These Great Lawn Games

The unofficial start to summer is here! It’s time to enjoy some barbecue, a long weekend, and spend time with family. Take advantage of the great weather and have fun playing these winning lawn games! Or book Off the Grid for a catering event and we’ll take care of the fun for you.