Think mobile food is all about fried chicken, turkey momos and beef satay on a stick? Think again. At our flagship Fort Mason Center market on Friday nights, you don’t have to look very hard to find delicious vegan-friendly menu items, too.

Check out our handy guide to helping you navigate all of the show-stopping vegan options on offer at Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center this season.

Fan-favorite creator Spunbyss (and Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center newcomer) consistently lives up to their mantra of “simple, honest and fresh” with their menu of made-from-scratch fries and fresh-squeezed juices. But a true standout on their menu is the Impossible Slider, featuring a plant-based patty, seasonal veggie slaw, pickled Fresno chilis and their house-made spicy Korean dressing. In fact, the Impossible Slider is so tasty that you’ll find many non-Vegans lined up for it, too. You’ll fall in love with Spunbyss even more when you find out that they serve all of their meals with 100% compostable materials — even their cups and lids are made from plant-based materials.

A wise man once said “a taco a day keeps the doctor away,” which is why you should head over to Judie’s Tacos Locos the next time you’re at Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center. Featuring both traditional veggie tacos filled with roasted squash, onions, cilantro and peppers, as well as a vegan burrito bowl that takes it up a notch with the addition of rice, beans and avocado, we guarantee you won’t be left hungry after a visit to Judie’s.

Off the Grid Fort Mason Center

Another absolute must-try for all vegan-inclined guests is Mayan fusion creator Cochinita. Not only do they offer a variety of vegan menu items, but we’re pretty confident you won’t find a tastier panucho — that is, a flash-fried tortilla stuffed with black beans, topped with avocado, cabbage, tomato and pickled onions — anywhere in the Bay Area. Cochinita also offers many vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free options for guests with other food sensitivities or preferences.

If you’re in the mood to change it up a bit, the Bob Marley Bowl from Asian fusion creator Wezy just might be calling your name. Overflowing with mixed multigrain rice, cucumber kimchi, root vegetables and seasonal mushrooms, this self-proclaimed “rollercoaster of flavors” has just the right amount of spice and pairs perfectly with a tasty cocktail on a Friday night.

Off the Grid Fort Mason Center

If you stop by Happy Dumplings, you’ll likely be torn between their two mainstay vegan menu options — the green onion pancake and the veggie dumplings. Our solution? Order both and share among friends. Be sure to arrive early though, as Happy Dumplings is often one of our most popular creators at Fort Mason Center among both vegans and meat-eaters alike (but totally worth the wait).

Off the Grid Fort Mason Center

Brand new to the mobile food scene is MOMO Noodle, a self-ordering truck featuring noodle bowls originating from traditional Chinese comfort dish, Bàn Miàn. The noodles are steamed, drained, and combined with their secret house-made sauces, providing a slight spin on classic Chinese flavors. But don’t sleep on these guys (or gals, rather, as MOMO Noodle is female-owned) just because they’re in their rookie season. With numerous savory vegan entrees like their hot and sour rice noodles and house tofu noodles, MOMO Noodle a must-visit spot for vegans, packing a major satiation punch that won’t leave you wanting for anything but meatless morsels for the rest of eternity. 

Off the Grid Fort Mason Center

Believe it or not, even buffalo wing connoisseur Wing Man has something for the vegan crowd. Make sure to ask for their fried cauliflower as a wing substitute, drizzled with the same signature wings sauces such as their tangy Carolina-style BBQ sauce or their house-made three chili buffalo sauce. As a bonus, many of Wing Man’s sides are vegan-friendly too, including the fried pickles and scrumptious sweet potato fries.

No Off the Grid experience is complete without something sort to cap off the night. Be sure to leave room for Doughp’s vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free chocolate chip cookie dough. And when you’re deciding whether to order the self-control (small) or fully-commit (large) size, keep in mind that Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center is a judgement-free zone.

Bonus tip: many of our other creators have a number of vegan options that may not be explicitly listed on the side of their trucks or stalls — but all you have to do is ask! Even some of our more meat-oriented creators have a few vegan surprises, like Hula Truck’s papaya salad and Korean Bob Cha’s veggie bibimbap.

Check out Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center’s weekly creator lineup in order to get your hands on these tasty vegan-friendly items, and join us every Friday night from 5pm to 10pm (rain or shine!) through October 25th.