We work closely with our 150+ Mobile Creators to provide a convenient, safe, flavorful food experience


From Asian baos and Southern-style barbecue, to handmade boba and Fillipinio burritos, Off the Grid has the ability to offer a variety of mobile cuisine to suit every taste in your household or office. We work with our Creators to ensure that in addition to serving high-quality menu items, they’re adhering to strict food safety standards that will provide you peace of mind when it comes to feeding those around you. 

Whether you and your team are still required to go into the office or your family of five (or maybe more) are sheltering in place, Off the Grid can help you stay satisfied with our variety of drop-off food options from local small businesses that need your support to stay afloat.

Uniquely diverse with over 150 food vendors.

One point of contact gives you peace of mind for a seamless execution.

Support the local community by receiving food from the small businesses you love.