1. These days, it’s rare to see someone dive right into their dish without snapping a quick picture first. And while you may roll your eyes at this social-media-obsessed habit, your event is bound to get loads of free advertising if you serve up unique and eye-catching Instagramable dishes over your run-of-the-mill cheeseburger. Need proof? Get The Rolling Dough to serve up their fried dough ice cream cones at your next event and just wait for the cellphones to come out.

2. With the start of the year comes the hustle of conference season. How do you ensure that the thousands of hungry mouths attending your even all get fed in the same hour-long lunch break? Efficiency, mobility and scalability – and at Off the Grid Catering, we’re pretty sure we’ve figured out the secret formula using each of those ingredients.

3. As polarizing as 2018 seemed to be at every turn, there were still great strides made in the realm of equality and diversity – a movement that is sure to only gain even more momentum in 2019. Off the Grid is proud to support so many minority and female-owned small businesses – so why not have a creator like Mama Lamees (who checks both of these boxes!) whip up some tasty middle eastern fare for your next event? We promise you won’t be left disappointed, or hungry.

4. Since we’re here for the #goodfeels, we also believe that sustainable food is a trend that is here to stay (and for good reason). We’re dining in a warmer world, and menus are reflecting it. Plant-based dishes and vegan feasts are sure to become even more common in 2019, whether you are catering to a vegetarian audience or not. Just ask our friends at Pure Juice Truck, who are sure to confirm that plant-based businesses are booming.

5. With a little bit of imagination (and maybe a few permits), nearly any public location can become the site of your next special event. Activating a unique or underutilized space is sure to make your event stand out to guests – and this is true especially in San Francisco’s quirky nooks and crannies. For example, did you know you can host events in the SOMArts Cultural Center? It’s truly one of the best-kept secrets in town.

6. We’re calling it now: Superfoods will be heard nonstop in 2019 – and we bet you’ll be drinking them nonstop too. There is no better match for powering through a 10-hour conference day like sipping on an antioxidant-packed kombucha or a smoothie infused with energizing Matcha. There’s no denying the rising popularity of these superfoods (or should we call them “superdrinks”?!) – and it just might make you think twice before serving soda at your next event.

7. There’s no better reward for surviving that 10-hour conference day like a quick trip to the bar. And in 2019, colorful cocktails served with eccentric garnishes are sure to hog up everyone’s Instagram feed – maybe even more so than their edible counterparts. Keep an eye out for eye-catching orange wines or vibrant, fruity beers to make a splash this year.

8. Music is a powerful force, and the easiest way to take your event from snooze to spectacular. Regardless of the tone of your event, music is a sure-fire way to set the ambiance in a space. From an elegant jazz band to an upbeat DJ, nothing is bound to get your guests up and mingling faster than live music. If you want to kick it up a notch, pair your music selection to your menu and cuisine selections!

9. Fine dining, meets mobile food. Especially with the emphasis of diversity in food, you get our prediction that serving sized portions will be king in 2019. Whether guests would prefer to pass on a heaping serving that is sure to leave them in a food coma, or they are just looking to try a wider variety of dishes, sample-sized plates are the perfect solution for both. Not to mention, small bites served hor’s dourves style are much more conducive to socializing than a dish you need to sit down to enjoy.