These are truly testing times for what was a vibrant Bay Area food scene, and a core part of what made the Bay Area so unique. 

Over the weekend, we made the heart-wrenching decision to temporarily close all of our markets. With this change, many small businesses lost one of their primary sources of income, and thousands of spectacular hard-working people are being faced with losing their jobs.

With the closing of our Markets, we have received many inquiries on how our guest community can continue to support our suffering Creator Community. Today, we launch our rolling list of ways to continue to support this community, through gift cards, gofundme, drop-off catering, delivery, and takeout. Check back often—we’ll update this list as we stay in close contact with our Creators and share additional ways you can support them.

•  Wing Man
•  Spunbyss
•  Ocean Malasada Company
•  Senor Sisig
•  El Sur
•  Fresh Catch Poke: 10% off all gift cards
•  SF Chickenbox
•  Hongry Kong
•  Wokitchen
•  The Sarap Shop
•  Little Green Cyclo

•  Bini’s Kitchen
Little Skillet and Mestiza
Off the Grid’s Grocery Store Employee Meal Fund


Are you and your colleagues still required to go into the office? Reach out here to have our amazing Creators drop-off food for you.

•  Sip n Slurp: Delivery via Postmates
•  Spunbyss
•  Mazzeh Grill: ezcater
•  Bred’s Nashville Hot Chicken: Delivery through Doordash
•  Senor Sisig: Free delivery on Caviar, Ubereats, and Doordash
•  Banh Mi Zon: Delivery in San Rafael on order $30+ with Doordash
•  EL Sur: Offering free delivery anywhere in the SF Bay Area when you buy a 24-pack of empanadas. You can keep them frozen and bake them at home whenever you need, they’ll be ready in less than 30 minutes. Delivery through their own online store. 
•  Bombzies: Kids under 10 eat free and delivery through Uber Eats
•  Golden Gate Gyro: Kids under 10 eat free and delivery through Ubereats
•  Al Pastor Papi: Kids under 12 eat Free and delivery through Doordash
•  Little Green Cyclo: Available for delivery via Doordash, Ubereats and Postmates
•  SF Chicken Box: Offering free lunch for kids, 10% discount for food industry employees and providing delivery through Caviar, Grubhub and Doordash
•  Smooch Tartshop: Free delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area.
•  Fresh Catch Poke: Order through their website 
•  Hongry Kong: Delivery from Doordash, Grubhub or Call 415-601-9788 to have orders placed directly
•  PYE: Shipping Frozen pies
•  Akita Gourmet: Offering free delivery through Grubhub
•  Kabob Trolley: Offering delivery through ezcater
•  TACOTHAI: Delivery through Grubhub
•  Capelo’s Barbecue: Delivery through Doordash and Caviar
•  Wokitchen: Delivery through Ubereats
•  Anarchist Wine Co: Offering $1 shipping per case in the continental US. Use code stayathome on their online store, or email to get started.
•  The Sarap Shop: Delivery through Caviar and Ubereats
•  Bonito Poke: Free delivery
•  Grilled Cheez Guy: Delivery through Ubereats and Caviar


•  Spunbyss
•  Ocean Malasada Company
•  Al Pastor Papi: Kids under 12 Free / Healthcare workers 50% off at Harmonic Brewery in SF
•  Bred’s Nashville Hot Chicken: 20% discount code on entire menu with takeout from 1301 S Lewis st Anaheim
•  Senor Sisig: From their brick and mortar at 990 Valencia St, San Francisco
•  Banh Mi Zon: With order $30 and up we offer free delivery or 1 free mask
Sip n Slurp
•  Mestiza SF: Offering take home meal kits in large ($40) and small ($20) sizes, that will feed the family and can last multiple days. 
•  Little Skillet SF: Offering take home meal boxes, including freshly fried chicken with your choice of sides and corn muffins. 
•  SF Chickenbox: Takeout available from Trademark Bar Kitchen
•  Hongry Kong: Takeout from 407 Old County Rd. Belmont
•  Capelo’s Barbecue: Offering takeout from their to-go counter in Redwood City
•  Bonito Poke: Takeout from 701 Valencia St, San Francisco

•  Bombzies: Kids under 10 eat free
•  Golden Gate Gyro: Kids under 10 eat free 
•  Al Pastor Papi: Kids under 12 eat free 
•  SF Chicken Box: Offering free lunch for kids and 10% discount for food industry employees 
•  Al Pastor Papi: Kids under 12 free and Healthcare workers get 50% off
•  Bred’s Nashville Hot Chicken: 20% discount code on entire menu with takeout
•  Fresh Catch Poke: 10% off all gift cards
•  Hongry Kong: Offering frozen Curryous George, Firecrackin’ Pepper, Tangy Tomato Sauces (24oz) packages and Meal Kits with Dim Sum & Grilled Chicken or Pork Chop w/ Sauce & Rice 
•  Capelo’s Barbecue: Offering mini packs and family packs
•  The Sarap Shop: They are offering multi-day meal kits with frozen and refrigerated, pre-portioned meals. Plant-based, gluten-free, and omnivore versions available. Prices range from $58 to $104
• Little Green Cyclo: Now offering grocery boxes and ready-to-eat meal boxes for touchless pickup at their SSF kitchen.

Authored By: Samantha Pann, Marketing Specialist Off the Grid