COVID-19 Relief

Since COVID-19 hitting in rapid form and the issuance of “shelter-in-place,” our team at Off the Grid has quickly adapted our services and repurposed our assets to support at-risk communities, including feeding Grocery Store Employees, low-income families affected by COVID-19, and at-risk seniors.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We’re committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for all members of our community. We’re constantly looking for opportunities to support these efforts. For example, we have committed to driving over $4 million dollars back to black-owned businesses in 2021, a 700% increase from our achieved 2020 goal. 

We’d love to do the same for other groups in our community such as women, veterans, and disabled-owned businesses.

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Natural Disasters

Last year California experienced its worst wildfire season on record with over 4 million acres burned by wildfires. Our experience in emergency food relief enabled us quickly deploy over 50,869 meals to those impacted by these devastating fires.

Our experience in providing food relief to impacted individuals dates back more than 3 years and we’re committed to helping local communities and food insecure individuals in the wake of any natural disaster.

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Off The Grid’s feeding programs are custom designed for each agency or organization. We carefully consider and assess the need, budget, and demographics of the affected population(s) to craft a plan that best suits your community’s unique needs. Here’s a quick look at our process.




ONE-STOP SHOP –  Your program account manager serves as a single point of contact for planning, execution, operations and support. Design programs that are turnkey and flexible saving you time and valuable resources.

VARIETY – Off the Grid feeding programs give you access to local restaurants curated for your program and community needs.

TRANSPARENCY – Gain valuable insights into overall program metrics, demographic information, and logistics to ensure optimal performance.

COMFORT & DELIGHT – We curate nutritious meals for those in need that provide comfort and delight from local businesses.


Our passion at Off the Grid revolves around supporting local food communities. When COVID-19 hit in 2020, our approach to lifting up these communities and creating special events around diverse food experiences had to adapt. The need to support families and first responders became clear and more urgent than ever. We pivoted our services and repurposed our assets to support at-risk communities—partnering with several local and national non-profit organizations to magnify our efforts and ensure the largest possible impact.

Why Off the Grid?

We focus on providing impacted individuals with healthy, diverse and delicious meals from local restaurants that have also faced economic hardships from natural disasters and the prolonged pandemic. With this singular focus, we can execute a proven, flexible, and turnkey feeding program that drives the most impact—from struggling restaurants to struggling individuals. 

Community Equity

Our feeding programs take into consideration dietary constraints and cultural preferences in a way that customizes food assistance. We believe that everyone should have access to meals they would typically consume. That means ensuring meals are culturally relevant, meet dietary and allergen requirements and are sourced from a familiar local restaurant. 

Local, Diverse Impact Commitment

We are deeply committed to our communities and continuously work to see them thrive. We are hyper-focused on partnering with small, local, and diverse restaurants and food vendors that are in near proximity to the agencies that we partner with. The goal is simple: put money back into the local economy.

Program Flexibility and Turnkey

The need to provide meals is the common denominator in all our programs, but the macro needs of the program are different. We create a service timeline and a plan for execution that best suits the agency’s and community’s needs. We build the infrastructure to provide the whole gamut of services—including program design, program marketing, and awareness, program intake, restaurant, and menu curation, delivery logistics, phone customer support, financial tracking, reporting, and program analytics.


Food programs and logistics can be complicated and we aim to make designing and or optimizing these easy with flexible programs components that can be inserted or removed as building blocks. 


Off the Grid’s feeding programs are custom designed for each agency or organization. We carefully consider and assess the need, budget, and demographics of the affected populations and craft a plan that best suits that unique community’s needs. 


Identifying the meeting point can be a challenge in itself—with valuable time lost in the process. Off the Grid’s communications strategy includes using a deep knowledge of the affected communities to create a targeted participant acquisition program through integrated marketing by leveraging online channels such as digital advertising and offline channels such as radio, TV, and PR. Off the Grid will translate all marketing collateral in multiple languages to reach the most amount of people as possible with opportunities to provide collateral in multiple languages.


Effective and clear communication is the crucial element to managing a successful food relief program. We’re able to capture participants’ food preferences and dietary needs to ensure we are providing meals that are well received and impactful.


At all stages of the program, we are building databases and selecting the right KPIs to identify what’s working well. For example what regions are seeing the most signups, what marketing channels are producing the most signups. 


Off the Grid is a longstanding, diversified and sustainable business, with experience in running and operating multiple community feeding programs across the Bay Area. As a result, we are typically able to provide up to 30 operational days of working capital in order to start-up and operate programs. We are committed to paying our 3rd party food Creators quickly to support and stimulate small businesses in local communities.