Bringing people together through shared food.

Off the Grid began in June 2010 with the simple idea of grouping Street Food creators together to create an experience that allows neighbors to connect with friends, and families to reconnect with each other.

Since then, our markets have become a Bay Area icon and quintessential San Franciscan activity, known for its unique food and cultural experiences. We currently operate 50+ weekly public events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

We transform various types of underutilized spaces from shopping plaza parking lots to street roads. By hosting events built around food, music and a vibrant ambience, we seek to create authentic, thriving and diverse communities.

To fully unlock the potential of public spaces, we collaborate with local businesses and organizations to develop on-going partnerships. It is important for us, especially when venturing into new communities, to maintain a shared sense of space with neighbors and focus on engaging the neighborhoods we serve. We believe in empowering our community partners by providing them with promotional opportunities both within our event space and digitally.

Our events are not possible without our 200+ food creators or local business partners. We work with local food entrepreneurs, 65% of which are first time business owners, and commit to set them up for success.

As of 2015, 30% of our creators have been able to add at least 1 additional truck to their fleet since working with Off the Grid.

With our local business partners, we seek to create a synergy between the organization, Off the Grid and the community. Our events draw a local crowd, driving foot traffic, awareness and sales to surrounding businesses.

Based in San Francisco, CA, Off the Grid has become a Bay Area icon.

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Off the Grid is made up of over 200 amazing and unique creators