For 10 years Off the Grid has been curating events that connect people to place through shared experiences. We work with both the public and the private sectors offering experience design and event production that helps meet their goals and serve their stakeholders. 


Do you seek to activate underutilized space? Would enhanced tenant amenities provide a competitive advantage? Are you trying to generate site awareness? With our extensive experience creating recurring and seasonal events, we can work with your team to create unique experiences and add value to your property. Through the addition of a food-forward community experience on your property, you will create community awareness, activate unutilized spaces, and increase the amenities and satisfaction of your tenants and residents. 

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City Departments & Agencies

Off the Grid has been successfully working with municipalities, counties, park systems, museums and Business Improvement Districts for 10 years. We have been a critical partner in building community, activating space, and collaborating to shape the public realm in order to maximize the shared value; all while strengthening the connection between people and the places they share. Our marketing and outreach efforts, combined with a robust social media platform, ensure that Off the Grid’s fans and community at large are aware of your programming— driving long term success.

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Working with Us

Off the Grid secures the necessary permitting, creates an operational plan, and monitors programming to ensure your events and services generate the experience our followers have come to love. We work collaboratively with you during the entire process with the sole goal of complete customer satisfaction.


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