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Once your application has been approved, we will get you set up on our platform. From there, you’ll be ready to launch and start earning more money.

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We have developed a suite of training materials and articles to make sure you will have access to appropriate onboarding to set you up for success, depending on your daily schedule and existing experience with Off the Grid.

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What is a Creator?

At Off the Grid, the vendors we work with are more than just a food vendor, restaurant owner, or retailer; they are passionate about the impact that can be made through the mobile-food movement, they are dreamers, and are inspirations to all of the Off the Grid team. Off the Grid decided to name our vendors Creators for the pure fact that they not only create delicious mouth-watering and unique dishes but they also help Off the Grid create unique community experiences every day.

How Does Off the Grid help Creators?

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Sell More

Joining the Off the Grid fleet makes it easy to reach new customers through our ever-growing public markets, creating the opportunity for recurring and more predictable revenue.

Brand Exposure

Benefit from Off the Grid’s marketing efforts and network of more than 100,000 social media followers to promote your business.

Catering Opportunities

Joining the Off the Grid fleet also makes you eligible for Off the Grid’s Catering Program—typically a major source of revenue for many of our Creator partners.


By partnering with us, you’ll save time and money, especially within the meticulous process of permitting and licensing.

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