Off the Grid has over 10 years of experience with feeding millions of meals in the Bay Area through its mobile food markets. Our teams work tirelessly in curating experiences that are unique, authentic, and memorable for our guests. 

Brand & Experiential Marketing Partners

For over 10 years, Off the Grid has been creating and delivering authentic experiences for its guests. We work with both Experiential Marketing andPR firms, and directly with Brands to meet your goals while maintaining the authenticity of the guest experience. Harness the power of a shared meal to ignite conversation, collaboration, and long-lasting connection to your Brand. Work with Off the Grid to create a discovery moment in your guests’ journey that leaves them wanting more.

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Food & Beverage Partners

Through partnering with Off the Grid, you will get access to the Bay Area’s top foodies and trendsetters. With up to 8,000 guests attending our destination markets per night, you will gain loyal followers and secure an additional revenue stream. Through partnering with Off the Grid, you will be able to harness the brand recognition to become a part of the story in media and Off the Grid messaging. 

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Sell More

By partnering with Off the Grid, we make it easy to reach new customers through our ever-growing public markets giving you recurring and predictable revenue.

Brand Exposure

Benefit from Off the Grid’s marketing efforts and network of more than 100,000 social media followers to promote your business.

Community Involvement

By integrating with Off the Grid’s public markets, you get access to a targeted demographic based off location and will receive hands-on feedback from guests.

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