Off the Grid (OTG) is seeking quotations from experienced and reputable courier services interested in delivering meals to clients throughout the San Francisco-Bay Area.

The courier provider will be directly responsible for delivering packaged meals and meal sets to our clients mainly in San Francisco and Oakland. Deliveries must be conducted in a professional, safe, and timely manner. Couriers are also responsible for ensuring that the deliveries are in pristine shape, delivered to the correct address, and during the correct and allocated time window. The courier provider will be the main liaison between OTG and the clients to ensure that all procedures and protocols are being followed and that the highest quality of meals are being delivered to customers.

Scope of Services 

– The courier provider shall provide courier services for pick-up and delivery of meals and packages from San Francisco and deliver across the Bay Area, mainly within San Francisco and to Oakland.
– The courier provider is to provide same day, weekday, weekend deliveries and on public holidays as and when requested.
– Assist with the delivery and distribution of up to 500 clients on a one-day or weekly basis.
– Ensure all meals and packages are delivered to the intended recipient with recipient’s acknowledgement at various locations, such as various businesses and individual homes and apartments
– Facilitate communication with OTG in timely and accurate manner for all deliveries
– The courier service will return the undelivered meals back to our locations in San Francisco once the delivery route is complete.  
– Handle meals and packages with care and take appropriate security and ethical precautions as deliveries are conducted.
– Complete satisfactory background checks for all couriers

Minimum Qualification

Any proposal that does not meet these minimum requirements for submittal of quotation will not be considered:

– Have demonstrated experience performing high volume deliveries as outlined
– Meet insurance requirements as outlined in the Insurance Requirements section below.

Insurance requirements

The Contracted Courier Provider shall secure and maintain during the Contract period Commercial General Liability insurance in a per occurrence amount not less than one (1) million dollars ($1,000,000.00) combined single limit. 

The Commercial General Liability insurance:

– shall include, without limitation, independent contractor’s liability coverage and contractual liability coverage;
– coverage must be extended to include owners, employees and contractors protective liability;
– should also include all premises and product operations, personal and advertising injury and contractual liability. 

Certificates of Insurance shall state that Off the Grid, LLC, its Board of Directors, officers and employees are named as additional insurers. 


The evaluation will be based on the assessment of the quotations submitted. OTG intended to evaluate the qualifications in accordance with the below:

Experience and capabilities:

– Delivery time-frame for same day, public holidays and on weekends. 
– Proof of Previous Work Experience
– Ability to deliver across the Bay Area


– Price of the bid
– Price competitiveness with other quotation submissions

Term of contract

The term of this contract is subject to the availability of funds for conducting deliveries. For the time being, the base term of the contract shall be from the date of award through September 9th, 2020.

The term of this contract may extend provided that OTG will give the Contracted Courier Service a preliminary notice of its intent to extend at least five (5) days before the contract expires. 

Submission of quotations

All submissions, requests for clarification and questions regarding this RFQ should be directed to: Melody Yeung, Event Production Manager at melody.yeung@offthegridsf.com.

All respondents must provide via email: 

– Description of organization experience and qualifications
– Description of how respondent meets the minimum requirements to provide the requested services
– Submit an estimate of cost per delivery for providing deliveries in San Francisco and Oakland.
– Provide Commercial General Liability insurances to OTG for review and approval.