It’s probably safe to say that everyone who works at Off the Grid has a thing for food. There are no picky eaters here, and we’re always down to try the latest, greatest food truck creations.

So, to share the love (and the intel), we’ve rounded up a list of some of OTG employee’s favorite food truck finds from our regular roster of Creators at our open markets

From lobster rolls to ribs, here are the things Off the Grid employees can’t stop thinking about

Lobster Roll from Lobsta Truck—Dave George, Senior Software Engineer

lobster roll

If you’re someone who likes to drink champagne on a beer budget, this one’s for you. The Lobsta Truck’s classic New England lobster roll stands out from the rest with thick, meaty pieces of lobster claw spilling out of a bun that’s generously layered with either butter or spiced mayo. 

Dave loves the Lobsta Truck because it sticks close to the food truck mantra of doing one thing and doing it really well. Simply put, Dave says, “It’s so good.” 

Thank you, Dave, for eating lobster for the sake of research. 

The California Burrito from Senor Sisig—Bo McSwine, Program Manager

california burrito sisig

Stuffed with french fries, shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo, it’s no wonder why Senor Sisig’s California Burrito is Bo’s dish of choice. Off the Grid’s most popular Filipino fusion food truck has a number of fully loaded burritos to choose from, but if you only have one chance to make the best choice, this is it.

“It’s simply incredible,” Bo says. Short, sweet, and right to the point—just like Bo. Kidding! (He is sweet, though.)

The Curveball Slider from Curveball Slider Truck—Dylan Lester, Cubert Manufacturing Manager

The namesake of the food truck slinging our favorite ballpark sliders, the Curveball slider is Dylan’s go-to menu item of choice. This slider is taken to the next level with a slice of crispy bacon that adds a salty crunch to a perfectly cooked beef burger patty wedged in between two pillowy buns. It’s made even more memorable with the addition of grilled onions, melted cheese and a perfectly balanced BBQ sauce.

“If you’ve got a good pitcher that can throw a good curveball, a batter’s never gonna hit it out of the park,” Dylan says. “These sliders? They hit it out of the ballpark every time.”  (In case you don’t speak baseball lingo, that’s a good thing.) 

“Oh! And don’t forget the napkins,” he adds. Good call, Dylan, good call.

Lomo Saltado Burrito from Lamas Peruvian Truck—Marissa Peters, Creator Success Manager

lomo saltado burrito lamas peruvian

Very similar to a California Burrito (which, as Marissa points out, who doesn’t love?!), the lomo saltado burrito from Lamas boasts an additional sweet and spicy tang from the lomo saltado steak.

“It’s delicious! And don’t forget to grab some alfajores for dessert,” Marissa says. Clearly, she’s got your best interest in mind.

Carne Asada Fries from Cielito Lindo—Kyle, Event Producer

While food fans always seem to be in awe of the portion size of Cielito’s fully loaded carne asada fries, few rarely leave a bite behind. Kyle loves the tender beef—a family recipe—and crispy french fries that are topped with a hefty scoop of guacamole and pico de gallo.

But beyond the deliciousness of this dish, Kyle loves going to Cielito because the truck’s owner and cook, Gustavo, is a gem of a human that treats loyal customers (like Kyle) like family. “His food is delicious, he’s lovely, and ya’ll should check them out,” Kyle says.

Fillet Mignon Sliders from Dominic’s Food Truck—Ilana Green, Finance Manager 

filet minion buns

Ilana can’t stop gushing about the quality of the food from Dominic’s Food Truck, an offshoot of the decades-old family-run restaurant in Oyster Point. Her favorite dish also happens to be the fan favorite: the fillet mignon sliders, which come with a side of crispy, salty garlic fries.

“The bun melts in your mouth, the meat is extremely tender—just wow.” Nailed it.

Steamed Tender Pork Belly Bao Bun from The Chairman—Renee Frojo, Head of Marketing 

chairman bao bun

While it’s impossible to pick a favorite bao bun from the Chairman’s limited four-item menu (they’re all something to write home about), the tender pork belly served in a steamed bun is Renee’s if she could only eat one. A red miso glaze, turmeric pickled daikon and green shiso brilliantly balance the fatty pork, making it the perfect combo of savory, salty, spicy and a touch sweet. 

“I sometimes dream about it at night,” Renee says. Well, that’s interesting. 

St. Louis Pork Ribs from Capelo’s Barbecue—Lex Scala, Director of Operations

capelos bbq ribs

A house specialty, Capelo’s St. Louis-style pork ribs are smoked for up to eight hours with applewood, making them the most tender ribs we’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. 

“Capelo’s has the best ribs I have ever had!” Lex (very enthusiastically) says. “They fall off the bone and are so moist and flavorful—I have no idea how they do it. I could literally eat my body weight in these ribs.” That’s right: Life. Changing.