St. Patrick’s Day is synonymous with vibrant parades, lively music, and an array of traditional foods that ‘paint the town green’. What we have curated here, however, isn’t your typical St. Patrick’s Day fare. We are highlighting an array of green foods by Off the Grid food market creators: from the refreshing zing of Spicy Tzatziki Sauce by Kabob Trolley to the soothing sips of a Lavender Mint Matcha Latte from California Kahve. Each dish offers a unique twist on the theme of ‘Green Foods’.

Green Sprinkley Guy

Green Sprinkley Guy by Johnny Doughnuts: Their classic raised doughnut with homemade chocolate glaze, topped with green sprinkles. Available all weekend long from March 15th to March 17th.

Sliders with Spicy Tzatziki Sauce

Sliders with a Spicy (light green) Tzatziki Sauce by Kabob Trolley. Pro tip: Add the sauce to any dish for a touch of green!

House-made Tropical Acai Bowl

House-made Tropical Acai Bowl by Clean Bites. Spinach, avocado, mango, pineapple, superfood greens protein. Topped with seasonal fruits, granola & chia seeds. Green AND woman-owned: a double win!

Pandan Cheese Brioche Buns

Pandan Cheese Brioche Buns by The Chinita Baker. Soft & Fluffy Pandan flavored bun filled with melty cheese.

Cold-pressed Green Juice

Cold-pressed Green Juice by Pure Juice Organics: Sweet Greens – Apple, celery, kale, spinach, parsley, lemon.

Birria Pizza

Birria Pizza by Taqueria la Laguna. The picture says it all.

Matcha Flavored Ice Cream Taco by Rockos Ice Cream Tacos. Possibly two of our favorite words (ice cream and tacos that is).

Lavender Mint Matcha Latte

Lavender Mint Matcha Latte by California Kahve: Organic ceremonial grade matcha, house-made lavender mint syrup, and steamed milk. Garnished with fresh mint. We’re on our way!

Pandan Hot Cocoa

Pandan Hot Cocoa by Marley’s Treats: Marshmallow rim with Pandan cake crumbs, Pandan hot cocoa, Pandan whip & drizzle.

Matcha Tea Latte

Matcha Tea Latte by Red Bay Coffee: Matcha Powder from the Matcha Factory, steamed with your milk of choice. Matcha Factory partners with farmers in Shizuoka, Japan, growing and providing the best quality matcha available from farms famous for producing green tea crops for centuries.

Add a dash of green to your next event with any of these food creators (and hundreds more) with OTG catering.