During a time where we’ve all been asked to shelter-in-place, it has shined a light on many individuals’ inability to thrive while stuck in their homes, particularly if you live in a small apartment. Like many other cities, San Francisco, has a high concentration of renters – two-thirds to be precise – and many have a lack of walkable food options available in their neighborhood. The regulations on restaurants has created an even bigger shortage of food options. With these food limitations, numerous San Franciscans have been cooking at home more often—something they have not been used to at this frequency especially if their employer was providing lunch (and maybe even dinner service) prior to Coronavirus.

After an unprecedented landlord’s market characterized by low vacancy rates and rent growth over the last decade, COVID-19 has begun to impact the multi-family sector through rent concession requests and lease terminations. While a quick rebound may stem these trends, many landlords are responding by working with existing tenants, ramping up marketing efforts, and highlighting tenant amenities.

Taking these difficulties into account, Off the Grid has been contacted by property management firms in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area to bring delicious food to their residents which in turn supports local food vendors who desperately need business. During Off the Grid’s pilot of food trucks for tenants we organized a two-day lunch service at a large, multi-family complex located in downtown San Francisco. The service provided residents a way to break up the monotony of sheltering at home (and cooking at home).

The pilot was well-received by both property management and residents, with the Facilities Coordinator stating: “So many residents in our community enjoyed the food truck event..we hope we can continue doing business with you and a big thank you from our residents and leasing office staff.”

For property management staff, the lift is easy and seamless. Off the Grid trucks can operate both on private space within a complex or in adjacent white zones. We provide simple one page forms authorizing the event and bathroom access and handle all permitting. Additionally, there is a small service minimum guarantee to ensure Creator’s don’t lose money, (historically Creator sales rarely fall below this threshold).

In regards to logistics, we have strict safety and social distancing protocols for both our internal team as well as all third-party Creators with whom we partner Protocols include, but are not limited to, social distancing line markers, disinfecting surfaces regularly, and removal of all shared condiments and utensils. With these protocols in place and being an approved Department of Emergency Management vendor, Off the Grid has been able to address COVID-19 related safety concerns.

As a high percentage of residents will likely continue to work from home for the foreseeable future, Off the Grid can help property managers deliver delicious, safe and easily accessible food options to their tenants.

Are you interested in having Off the Grid bring food to your community? Reach out to us here, to have us help feed and entice your tenants.