With the start of the new year comes a calendar full of events—conferences, special events and corporate functions, just to name a few. Along with the hustle of conference season comes a perfect opportunity for your company to wow its attendees with a seamlessly executed event, full of good networking opportunities, delightful entertainment—and of course—a selection of tasty food.

After all, people don’t say “I just came for the food” for nothing, right?

But with many conferences in the Bay Area hosting thousands of attendees, how do you ensure that every hungry mouth can be fed in the same hour-long lunch break? Plus, what can you serve to make sure everyone is satisfied on your inevitably diverse guest list?

That’s where Off the Grid Catering comes in. Our diverse selection of creator cuisines (including a few fan-favorite SF staples) are sure to make your event even more memorable to both the Bay Area natives and the out-of-town attendees that you are trying to impress. Many of our creators are capitalizing on a few of the latest food industry trends, including the Nepalese dumpling experts at Momolicious, who emphasize sustainable food practices and offer many plant-friendly dishes. And forget those trays of lukewarm scrambled eggs ubiquitous at all buffets. Take your breakfast up a notch with tasty coconut cream pies and chocolate eclairs served by our friends at 43 and Company.

Even better? With the ability to service events of all scopes and size, we’ll bring unmatched efficiency and scalability to your event, feeding upwards of 6,000 people in under an hour. And, we’ll disappear just as quickly as we arrived.

There’s simply no better recipe for helping your guests power through that 10-hour conference day. As a solutions-driven partner, OTG Catering is ready to work with you to plan and execute your next event, all while taking the burden of complicated logistics off of your plate.

Ready to work with OTG Catering in 2020? Give us a shout! Whether your event is inside a traditional conference hall, or hosted somewhere a little less conventional, we’re prepared to handle it.

Authored By: Off the Grid Marketing