Amid California fighting to take control of the COVID-19 pandemic, a recent heatwave has resulted in a dry lightning storm igniting numerous fires across Northern California. As we prepare for a fire-season considered to be the worst the area has experienced to date, Off the Grid has created a funding campaign to rally the community together. This GoFundMe campaign will provide nutrient-rich meals to the first responders who are fighting to protect our lives and our property, as well as those who have already been affected by the fires and mandatory evacuations across the Bay Area. 

Since the announcement of COVID-19 hitting the Bay Area in rapid form and the issuance of “shelter-in-place,” our team at Off the Grid has quickly adapted our services and repurposed our assets in order to support at-risk communities, including feeding grocery store employees, low-income families affected by COVID, and at-risk seniors. Through our experience supporting those affected with recent fire seasons, as well as the pandemic, we recognize the vast importance of unifying our efforts and coordinating relief in order to have the largest possible impact.

We are asking for local businesses, mobile food or hospitality partners, and family and friends of Off the Grid to help us support those who have been affected by the recent tragedies and donate to our fundraising campaign

For every meal you help fund (a $12 donation), you will not only provide a basic need to those who have been affected by the fires, but also create revenue opportunities for local food businesses who have been suffering. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity during this time!

If you are a corporate partner or food truck business and would like to help, please submit your info here: 


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