Your company is thriving, and you’re facing some growing pains. But it’s no secret that employees today value on-the-job perks, which has many companies evaluating their corporate dining offerings – because after all, who doesn’t look forward to lunchtime?

Rather than investing in expensive, permanent infrastructure upfront (like your traditional cafeteria), wouldn’t a flexible, scalable solution that could grow at the same pace as your company be ideal? With OTG’s solution, you can have a world-class dining experience at as little as 12% of normal capex spend.

We are declaring #demoday for all traditional cafeterias, or at least the traditional thinking of corporate food programs and roll #mobilefood options in at work!

We are proud to introduce Off the Grid at Work, a scalable dining program rooted in enhancing each employee meal through flexible, mobile food services. By partnering with Off the Grid at Work, your company can:

   • Meet scaling needs, whether increased headcount or dietary restriction accommodations  

   • Reduce food fatigue, drive employee engagement with some of the tastiest food options

   • Quickly adjust the scope of your dining options

   • Take the burden of planning off of your staff

Interested? Hungry? This short clip has some more details that we think you’ll eat up: