Full Stack Corporate Dining Solution

Off the Grid at Work is an employee food program rooted in enhancing each meal through flexible, mobile services that are dynamic and drive value to both you and local businesses. We are the only in-office solution that truly brings small business to your workforce.


Unlike static dining programs, such as a cafeteria, Off the Grid at Work utilizes mobile infrastructure to execute a world class experience with as little as 12% of normal capex spend. No matter your employee count, our full-stack solution focuses on optimizing all points of service, so your employees can enjoy quality food without disruptions to their workday.


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Unparalleled Menu Diversity

Combining 30+ in-house food concepts along with access to at least 70 cuisine types from our platform’s 300+ third party creators, we curate a food program that constantly introduces new menu options and incites discovery in each meal. We believe high-quality food at work is a key driver of employee engagement and productivity. Keeping food interesting is a challenge, but at Off the Grid, we pride ourselves on ensuring each employee feels not only valued but nourished for their workday ahead.

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Flexible Designs, Scalable Solution

Off the Grid is at the forefront of the mobile food movement. Our innate flexibility made possible by multiple mobile service formats — from our mobile fleet to modular interior stations — can adapt to the rapidly changing needs of your team with no spatial or structural modifications. What does this mean? No down time. By creating the ideal configurations, inside or outside, we focus on bringing the best experience to each employee meal.

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Streamlined Operations Powered by One, Unified Platform

The days where food management meant endless coordination and multiple points of contact are over. Our proprietary software allows you to oversee all food operations, save time organizing and gather data to continue engage your employees. Not only that, you can create menus and curate shifts with a just a few clicks optimizing each minute of your time spent and ultimately saving money.

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But Don't Only Take Our Word For It

“Utilizing modular activations of space, whether indoor or outdoor, that are plug and play is very attractive to us. Services like Off the Grid at Work, which continuously create a sense of discovery and newness allow us to attract and retain the best tenants.”

– Brian Lewis, SVP at Kilroy Realty

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