Whether your company provides breakfast, lunch, or dinner daily or once a month, we can transform your catering program into one that keeps your employees nourished, motivated, and excited to keep contributing.

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We have the unique ability to design a corporate catering experience that can fit any of your growing company’s needs. From our ecosystem of 300+ food Creators, we’ll partner with you to build your company a custom catering solution as unique as your employees.

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We’ll partner with you to transform your corporate catering experience into a program featuring the best of all cuisines, keeping your employees excited to see what’s next. Whether your company feeds breakfast, lunch, or dinner daily, or once a month, Off the Grid enhances each meal through flexible, mobile food services.

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How It Works

We make feeding your employees easy and delightful by providing access to our partner vendor network, and streamlining your meal program and scope with a dedicated Off the Grid Producer that coordinates every detail.

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Food Selection

Feed Employees

VARIETY Off the Grid Catering gives you 300+ food and beverage vendors to choose from to create a delectable experience.

1-STOP SHOP With one point of contact, planning and strategy support is turnkey and easy.

TRANSPARENT Track the costs of your employee meal program, manage food safety and get ongoing support.

COMFORT & DELIGHT Create ‘wow!’ moments with world-class physical elements that comfort and delight.

Employee Meal Programs

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Off the Grid at Work is an employee food program rooted in enhancing each meal through flexible, mobile services that are dynamic and drive value to both you and local businesses. We are the only in-office solution that truly brings small business to your workforce. Unlike traditional caterers, Off the Grid brings you the best of all food worlds, keeping your employees excited to see what’s next.

Capelo’s Barbecue and Senor Sisig? Sounds great to us. Bini’s Kitchen and Da Poké Man? We’ve got you covered. Employees don’t want boring, stuffy options for office meals, and we have to agree – why settle for less? Off the Grid can bring you fresh, dynamic salads, soups, and sandwiches, paired with hot meal options that will surprise and delight every day.

On Campus Dining

What sets many large and influential employers in the San Francisco Bay Area apart from the rest are the benefits they offer their employees—especially customized food programs known for the quality of ingredients, excellent caliber and creativity of chefs, and an endless variety of healthy options that fuel employees throughout their workday. Since 2014, Off the Grid at Work has been partnering with Bay Area companies to add value to their food programs and help set exceptionally high standards for quality, flexibility, and service.

Meals at Home

Off the Grid delivers meals directly to your team in the safety and comfort of their home or remote work location. The program includes meal production, food packaging, and labeling (menu item, ingredients, allergens, date prepared and use-by date), food transportation, and delivery for effective receiving by the guests.

Corporate Events

With over 10 years of corporate catering experience, we meticulously plan corporate events with innovative menu planning and an engaging presentation and experience. Our dedication and creativity have earned us the reputation of being one of the best catering and event companies in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

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From Asian baos or Southern-style barbecue to handmade boba and craft cocktails, Off the Grid Catering offers an unparalleled selection of mobile cuisine to suit every taste. Via our community of 300+ food and beverage partners, we cater over 70 cuisine types to please diverse menu preferences and dietary restrictions with ease, curating a unique culinary experience each time.

Breakfast Menus

Whether it’s a breakfast burrito with your choice of meat or refreshing Acaí bowls, Off the Grid has all that your employees would want to get them energized for the day ahead. Experts say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we couldn’t agree more!

Happy Hour Menu

Surprise guests with customized drinks! We offer full bar service and are happy to discuss if you would like beer, wine, or liquor for your event, as well as quality level & pricing. Custom-cocktails (a fan favorite) are available, to provide a memorable drink to your guests.

Drink Menus

Our vendors can offer a selection of waters, sodas, juices, etc. Non-alcoholic specialty drinks can be made and renamed in line with your conference for a more robust refreshment offer.

Example Menus

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