How Cubert Works

Designed and manufactured by Off the Grid, Cubert is a mobile and modular pop-up kitchen and retail space that allows brands, venues, and creators to activate temporary space with style and ease.

Cubert Arrives on a Flatbed Truck

Cubert Moves into Position

Its panels lift, flip and expand open. World, meet Cubert.

STURDY Cubert was engineered with your business in mind, offering all the perks of a permanent structure without any of the physical constraints.

FLEXIBLE It’s innovative modular design lifts, flips and expands open—instantly adapting to suit any environment.

VERSATILE Either on its own linked up with friends, Cubert lends itself to unique mobile experiences in the most unexpected places.

EYE-CATCHING Cubert invites the outdoor community inwards with its industrial-artisan design, opening up endless possibilities for brands, venues and creators.

Companies that Love Cubert