Fire Relief

In August of 2020, California experienced the worst wildfire season on record—over 4 million acres burned. Amid the devastation, we were able to quickly and effectively deploy over 50,869 meals to those who were impacted.

Since 2017, we’ve provided emergency food relief to devastated communities by connecting individuals in need to local food businesses. We’re committed to helping local communities and food insecure individuals in the wake of all natural disasters.

Join our network, and support your local community when they need it most.

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COVID-19 Relief

In the wake of COVID-19 and subsequent shelter-in-place orders, the team at Off the Grid adapted our services and repurposed our assets to support communities in need. In one year, we provided over 1.5 million meals and groceries to low-income families and at-risk seniors, as well as good food for frontline workers, including hospital and grocery store employees.

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Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can happen at any moment—displacing individuals and devastating entire communities. We’re committed to helping local communities and food insecure individuals in the wake of all types of natural disasters by connecting local food businesses to those in need.

Join our network, and support your local community when they need it most.

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Off The Grid’s feeding programs are designed to support local communities before emergencies occur. We work closely with local municipalities, state and federal feeding organizations to craft plans that will support food-insecure individuals in the wake of natural disasters and other emergency food needs. By working with local food businesses—such as food truck operators, local catering companies, and restaurants—we are able to quickly deploy food in the wake of any emergency.

If you’re a food business, simply fill out an application, and our operations team will be in touch on how you can become a local Food Responder apply here.




SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY –  By joining the Off the Grid network, you can be called upon in the event of a natural disaster to feed food insecure individuals during an emergency. We will train you on how to deploy meals quickly and at scale based on the current needs of the local community.

GUARANTEED PAYMENTS – We pre-negotiate fixed pricing per meal so you’re guaranteed to get paid fairly for each meal you provide to local residents in need. 

NEW REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES – Once you’re a part of the Off the Grid network, you’ll receive additional opportunities in your local area to generate revenue for you food businesses. Opportunities include catering requests, pop-events for public sale, and special partner offers and discounts you can share with your guests.

BECOME A LOCAL FOOD RESPONDER – Support your community when they need it the most, and use your kitchen for the greater good by becoming an Off the Grid Food Responder. Humanize the food experience for individuals in need by creating and providing nutritious meals that comfort and delight.


Our passion at Off the Grid revolves around supporting local food communities. When COVID-19 hit in 2020, our approach to lifting up these communities and creating special events around diverse food experiences had to adapt. The need to support food-insecure individuals, families and first responders became clear and more urgent than ever. We pivoted our services and repurposed our assets to support at-risk communities. We partnered with local and national non-profit organizations to magnify our efforts and ensure the largest possible impact.

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