In response to the quickly developing coronavirus situation, Off the Grid has been taking proactive steps to figure out ways to support our Bay Area community. One of these actions has been to reach out to our community of Creators—the food entrepreneurs we partner with at Off the Grid Markets and catering events—to find out how they’ve already been impacted by COVID-19, and how we can help. 

Their feedback has provided us with a clear picture of the impact. Creators have already taken a significant hit to their business, and they’re having to make some tough decisions in order to get through the next few (very uncertain) weeks, possibly months.

What We’ve Learned

In less than a week, Creators lost an average of 1.7% of their annual gross sales due to the coronavirus outbreak. 55% will consider major labor cuts if the current situation continues for another 4 weeks.  

Our Creators are small businesses that have been serving our communities for a considerable amount of time:

59% of Creators have 5 or less employees, and 73% have been in business for 2 – 9 years (only 4% are less than a year old).

70% of Creators are looking for new opportunities—including catering and take-out options—to offset the negative impact on their businesses.

In a poll from our community of followers on social media, 70% of more than 1,200 respondents are still required to come to work in person.

What We’re Doing to Help

In addition to implementing enhanced sanitary practices with all our Creators, we’ve transformed our community and lunch markets into grab and go set-ups. Our new mantra: Keep Calm & Carry Out.

Though some Bay Area companies have implemented work-from-home policies, we know that many people are still coming in to work, and need reliable meals. This also provides a fantastic opportunity to support local businesses during these challenging times. 

Additionally, we’re working with our Creators to offer drop-off catering options. Learn more here.

What You Can Do

Support us in supporting our community of small businesses!

Check out our schedule of open lunch and community markets

Consider drop-off catering options for your next event, small gathering, or for your employees who remain at work


Support our Creators directly through new unique offerings, including delivery:

  • EL Sur: Offering free delivery anywhere in the SF Bay Area when you buy a 24-pack of empanadas. You can keep them frozen and bake them at home whenever you need, they’ll be ready in less than 30 minutes. 
  • Pye: Receive the delicious pies you love, delivered frozen-packed in eco-friendly, insulated packaging on dry ice.
  • Bini’s Kitchen: Available for delivery through Caviar or directly through Bini’s Kitchen (Call 415-361-6911). Family Dinner Special (serves 4): Momos, chicken, rice, Baigun Bharta, Kwati – $45. You can also support Bini’s kitchen team directly through their gofundme site.
  • Bombzies: Kids under 10 eat free and delivery through Uber Eats
  • Golden Gate Gyro: Kids under 10 eat free and delivery through Caviar
  • Al Pastor Papi: Kids under 12 eat Free and delivery through Grubhub
  • Little Green Cyclo: Available for delivery via Doordash, Ubereats and Postmates
  • SF Chicken Box: Offering free lunch for kids, 10% discount for food industry employees and providing delivery through Caviar.
  • Smooch Tartshop: Free delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Mestiza SF: Offering take home meal kits in large ($40) and small ($20) sizes, that will feed the family and can last multiple days. 
  • Little Skillet SF: Offering take home meal boxes, including freshly fried chicken with your choice of sides and corn muffins. 


Authored by Juli Hernandez, Content Marketing Manager at Off the Grid