We’ve added five new and exciting food creators to our growing community of over 300 creators, bringing everything to the table from pizza stuffed baos to crunchy tacos and chopped cheese. No matter the cuisine, we are always scouring the Bay Area food scene to pick the very best creators for your next corporate or private event. You might even see some of these creators at an Off the Grid market!

Meet the newest additions:


BoazzaStarting in Beijing, Baozza has made its way to the forefront with their unique pizza stuffed bao, working their way into retailers like Target and Whole Foods. While they have made a name for themselves among these major distributors, they’re bringing their pizza stuffed bao to the San Francisco streets through special events like our Fort Mason Center market.

Curious to try out pizza stuffed bao for yourself? Get in touch with us to book your next event.

Yummy Kitchen

Yummy KitchenIn search of classic Chinese food? You’ll find traditional egg rolls, pot stickers, and garlic noodles at our latest Chinese food pop-up addition, Yummy Kitchen. Plus, a special Chinese Taco you won’t want to miss out on featured at this year’s Taco Takeover at Fort Mason.

Pick and choose from dozens of taco creators when you join us for Taco Takeover this year.

Chef Gilly’s

Chef Gilly_Storefront

With a deep history stretching all the way back to his grandfather’s first restaurant in Michoacan, Mexico in the 1980’s, Chef Gilly’s creations have been perfected over decades of hard work. From cheesy crunchy tacos to empanadas with sides of creamy orange and avocado, this pop up serves tried and true authentic Mexican food.

Get a taste of traditional cuisines at your next company event.

La Cocina

La CocinaFounded in 2005 in the Mission District of San Francisco, La Cocina works to support local food entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses. By providing commercial kitchen space, technical assistance, and new market opportunities, La Cocina helps food creators to succeed in their own communities. 

This year, you’ll find two expert taco makers at Taco Takeover at Fort Mason Center, both from La Cocina Incubator.

Mi Comedor

Chef Olivia Melcalo originally learned to cook Mexican dishes with her Grandmother and worked in dozens of kitchens across the Bay Area before starting her own catering business. When Chef Melcalo opened Mi Comedor, she brought all of her grandmother’s authentic recipes and flavors with her and infused them with her own modern techniques. Mi Comedor serves innovative taco creations on traditional handmade tortillas, giving customers a taste of time-honored and contemporary Mexican food.

Camucha’s Kitchen

This recently rebranded creator brings a breath of fresh air to the food market of San Francisco. Serving up traditional Peruvian dishes and adding their own personal flair to their taco creations, Camucha’s Kitchen captures the authentic taste of Peru in everything they make from their shrimp ceviche tostadas to their crispy oyster mushroom tacos.

Traditional or fusion, you’ll find the perfect cuisine for your next event.

West Coast Chopped Cheese

West Coast Chopped CheeseEver tried a chopped cheese? This food truck features this unique dish; a cross between a cheesesteak and a cheeseburger. West Coast Chopped Cheese also featured a special edition chopped cheese at this year’s Filipino Food Feast, infusing the dish with traditional Filipino flavors. This creator offers a one of a kind eating experience.

We’re all about trying new things here at Off the Grid and feature many creators who bring an innovative twist to the foods we know and love. Schedule a new experience for you and your team.

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