The cosmos are aligning in exciting ways for us this Friday, friends, as Mercury is making its way out of retrograde and allowing for more harmonious flow. The possibilities, it seems, are endless. 

Tarot Card reader and astrologer, Matthew Solomon — who will be joining us for the first time ever at Off the Grid : Fort Mason Center this Friday — enlightened us on what to expect.  

So, what do the stars have in store for us this Friday night? Read on. 

Horoscope for Friday, June 3, 2022 

By Matthew Solomon

The astrological forecast for Friday, June 3, 2022 holds several positive transits and indicators. 

First, the ever-dreaded “Mercury Retrograde” period ends at 1:00am PST. In astrology, Mercury is the ruling planet of communication, cognition, and logistics. For a period of three weeks, four times a year, Mercury appears (but isn’t really) to be moving backwards. Astrologically, this suggests higher rates of miscommunication and difficulty with travel, logistics, and technology. 

In astrology, the moon represents our inner-world, emotions, and ability to connect with ourselves and others. Put plainly, your moon sign often reflects how you feel at your core. As the moon moves from Cancer to Leo, we’re encouraged to find our fire and lean into our action-oriented motivation. If you’re planning any big projects or tasks, this is a great time to get started on it. 

As planets move through the cosmos, they form what astrologers call “aspects,”  which will affect the energy of each as they relate through space to one another. June 3 has the Moon Trine Neptune and Jupiter. A “Trine” represents a 120 degree angle, a favorable aspect indicating ease, positivity, and general harmonious flow.

Neptune represents the ethereal world and our dreams, and Jupiter represents fortune, luck, and success—that’s when we’re willing to put our energy into something. These aspects tell us that our ideas and goals, no matter how unattainable they feel in the present, already belong to us when we’re willing to do the work.

Tarot Card Pull for Off The Grid: Six of Pentacle

The suit of pentacles is associated with earth energy — grounded, sturdy, foundational. From a numerology standpoint, six corresponds with community and a sense of camaraderie.

I think this beautifully captures the purpose and mission of Off The Grid: bringing people together through experiences, food, and each other’s company. Its upright positioning indicates ease, natural flow, and “a good sign” overall.


Matthew Solomon is a certified Tarot reader and student of Astrology in San Francisco. Matthew facilitates a holistic, intuitive approach to reading the Tarot, combining his formal training with his own experiential connections. Matthew tailors the depth and style of his readings to best fit your experience—whether you’re brand-new to Tarot or have been reading for years.  For inquiries and bookings, Matthew can be reached at or @matttsolomon